The School of Advanced Studies is announcing open lectures on the topic of the Economics of Higher Education conducted by Ilya Prakhov, Ph.D in Economics, HSE University.

Lecture 1. The Accessibility of Higher Education | April 9, 7.15 PM (Tyumen, GMT+5)

We define access to higher education as the opportunity of entering university through the results of selection based on the identification of the applicant’s knowledge, regardless of SES. The Russian system of admission to higher education underwent a major institutional transformation with the introduction of the Unified State Exam (USE) in 2009 to unify the process of admission to higher educational institutions (HEIs). The reform was intended to make higher education more accessible by simplifying the admission procedure. However, despite the unification of the admission process, inequality of access to HEIs still persists for different cohorts of students. During the lecture ‘The accessibility of higher education’ we analyze the sources of the emergence and spread of the inequality of access to higher education under the USE in Russia. We consider the results of recent studies related to empirical assessments of the factors and mechanisms (individual, parental, schooling, regional) which limit accessibility of higher education in Russia.

Lecture 2. Academic Contracts | April 13, 4.00 PM (Tyumen, GMT+5)

The system of higher education in Russia, as in many other countries, is in the midst of reforms related to the global trends of globalization and transformation to a knowledge economy. In order to successfully respond to these global challenges, it is necessary to improve the quality of the university sector and rethink the role of professors in enhancing academic productivity.
A 20-year period of recession after the collapse of the Soviet Union has led to a diversification of universities and teachers and resulted in both a sharp fall in academic salaries and a decline in the attractiveness of the academic profession. Since the professoriate constitutes the main source of academic productivity, during the lecture on Academic contracts we assess the consequences of the decline in the academic sector in light of major reforms of academic salaries.

Where: 8 Marta St, 2k1, School of Advanced Studies (SAS), room 501.

Language: English.

The event will be open to UTMN students and professors. Registration is not required. Please make sure to carry a face mask and a pass card.

It will also be broadcast on YouTube:

Lecture 1. The Accessibility of Higher Education

Lecture 2. Academic Contracts