annualDisciplinary Landscapeforum

School of Advanced Studies, University of Tyumen

2nd Annual Forum “The Disciplinary Landscape”


Saturday, Sept 30 – Sunday, Oct 1, 2017

The second annual Disciplinary Landscape forum will be devoted to the notion of truth in its historical and disciplinary dimensions. We will discuss the philosophical foundations of the notion of truth, including the opposition of modernist truth and “post-truth”, the various functions of the concept of truth in different political, social and cultural frameworks, and the permutations of the idea of truth effected by the Russian Revolution. On the second day of the forum we will group paper presenters and SAS faculty into disciplinary teams and invite them to reflect on the different notions of truth used in the contemporary disciplines of philosophy, history, cultural studies, and sociology.


Open Plenary Session I “Truth in Disciplines”
Regional research library, 59 Ordzhonikidze street, Tyumen


Andrey Shcherbenok (SAS), Opening remarks


Nikolay Ssorin-Chaikov (HSE-St.Petersburg), “Pravda as Law and Pravda as Truth: Notes towards a Conceptual Ethnography of Truth”

Aleksander Shevchenko (Institute of Philosophy and Law, RAS, Novosibirsk), “Truth and Luck”

Samantha Rose Hill, “Departures from Truth”

Coffee break


Aleksander Marey (HSE-Moscow), “The Truth of Authority or Why People Believe Their Rulers?”

Alonso Muñoz Pérez (Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid), “New Men: Truth and Politics in the Post-11S Era and the Spanish and Russian Revolutions (1917–1934/6-2017)”

Yuri Vasilenko (HSE-Perm), “The Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939 in the Interpretations of the Francoists-Revisionists”



Oleg Zhuravlev (SAS), “Revolution, Depoliticization and the Truth of Protests”

Anastasiya Kazun (HSE-Moscow), “Coverage of Tragedies in the Russian Media: A Network Agenda”

Maxim Alyukov (SAS), “Changing Cues - Changing Opinions: Facts and Narratives in Russian TV Viewers’ Reception of Media Coverage of the Ukrainian Political Crisis of 2013-2017”

Coffee break


Roann Barris (Radford University), “The Style of Truth: “Deconstructivist” Architecture at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, 1988”

Ilya Kalinin (St. Petersburg State University), “’Post-Socialist Realism’: Postmodern in Form and Conservative in Content, and Vice Versa”

General discussion


Closed Team Work Session “Disciplinary Truths”
Regional research library, 59 Ordzhonikidze street, Tyumen


Andrey Shcherbenok, Team work outline


Team 1: Philosophy
Aleksander Marey, Aleksander Shevchenko, Louis Vervoort, Nikolay Ssorin-Chaikov, Samantha Rose Hill

Team 2: History
Alonso Muñoz Pérez, Evgeny Grishin, Peter Jones, Tomasz Blusiewicz, Yuri Vasilenko

Team 3: Cultural Studies
Anne Mulhall, Duskin Drum, Erika Wolf, Ilya Kalinin, John Tangney, Roann Barris, Zachary Reyna

Team 4: Sociology
Anastasiya Kazun, Anil Aba, Elena Arbatskaya, Maxim Alyukov, Natalia Savelyeva, Oleg Zhuravlev, Svetlana Erpyleva, Surendra Bhandari


Open Plenary Session II “Disciplinary Truths”

Team Presentations


Coffee break

Cultural Studies


1 Andrey Shcherbenok, SAS Anastasiya Kazun, HSE-Moscow 14
2 Samantha Rose Hill Maxim Alyukov, SAS 15
3 Nikolay Ssorin-Chaikov, HSE-St.Petersburg Evgeny Grishin, SAS 16
4 Louis Vervoort, SAS Peter Jones, SAS 17
5 John Tangney, SAS Tomasz Blusiewicz, SAS 18
6 Roann Barris, Radford University Duskin Drum, SAS 19
7 Anne Mulhall, SAS Zachary Reyna, SAS 20
8 Ilya Kalinin, St. Petersburg State University Anil Aba, SAS 21
9 Aleksander Shevchenko, Institute of Philosophy and Law, RAS Elena Arbatskaya, SAS 22
10 Aleksander Marey, HSE-Moscow Natalia Savelyeva, SAS 23
11 Alonso MuñozPérez, Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid Svetlana Erpyleva, SAS 24
12 Yuri Vasilenko, HSE-Perm Surendra Bhandari, SAS 25
13 Oleg Zhuravlev, SAS Erika Wolf, University of Otago 26