Dare to Experiment: Higher Education between Safety and Danger

*Due to the pandemic, the forum will be postponed to the Fall. We will update you with a new date.

On June 13–15, 2020 SAS will hold its annual Disciplinary Landscape forum on the topic Dare to Experiment: Higher Education Between Safety and Danger.

Education is a risky business. We gain new experience through trying new things, essentially, through experimenting on ourselves. A learner seeks to be altered, and many things can go wrong in the process. Even tried and true educational models put one in danger. Too many risks can jeopardize learning, but the fear of risk can paralyze it completely.

Experimentation has shaped higher education as we know it. From project-based learning to seminars and the research university itself, widely accepted models and approaches have once been viewed as chancy, potentially dangerous ventures. To address the multiple controversial issues in the way universities operate today, we still need a willingness to risk. But at what cost?

The forum invites scholars and practitioners to look at the educational process from the position of experimenters:

  • What are the inherent intellectual, physiological, ethical, and other tolls of higher learning?
  • How to demarcate the border that separates generative risks from destructive risks?
  • What are the limits of progressive experimentation in higher education?

The forum will be held in English and involve teamwork and plenary discussions.  During the event, we will officially present the new Master’s program Experimental Higher Education. The Experimental Party with a surprise activity will close the event.

Expressions of interest in the form of a CV and one paragraph about a higher education experiment that you care about — real or hypothetical — no later than March 1st, 2020 to sas@utmn.ru.

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