From 5th of January until 31st of January SAS students and Disciplina Coffeeshop invite all interested persons to watch films and discuss them.

Film and Media Major students have prepared a list of films directed in different parts of the world for the last 80 years. To some extent, the plots are dedicated to New Year holiday or Christmas.

Project leader, Victoria Gileva @gileva_vik describes the concept of the project in a following way:

"Winter holidays are believed to be a time of wonder, fun, love, and kindness. On the other hand, it is a time of expectations of all of the above in reality. Analyzing films from different periods and countries, we can understand what kind of techniques the directors use to convey a festive atmosphere and describe the events occuring with the characters."


  • (01) Film screening.

    We will watch a Soviet and European films in Russian language (English subtitles are provided). When films released in the USA and Canada will be in English (subtitles in Russian will be provided).

  • (02) Coffee break at @disciplina_coffee.

    Each participant can have 20% off a coffee.

  • (03) Discussion and debate over a film.

    In case there will be foreign professors or students, the debates and discussions will be held in English. SAS students will moderate the discussions.

When: January 5 — January 31, 2021.
Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 6 PM.

8 Marta street 2k1, Disciplina CoffeeShop


Date Name of film Director Release Country Genre RARS
05.01.21 The Shop Around the Corner Ernst Lubitsch 1940 USA drama, melodrama, comedy 0+
08.01.21 Quai des Orfevres Olivier Marchal 1947 France drama, crime, music, film Noir 16+
10.01.21 It’s a Wonderful Life Frank Kapra 1947 USA fantasy, drama, family 12+
12.01.21 Carnival Night Eldar Ryazanov 1956 Soviet Union comedy, musical, melodrama 0+
15.01.21 Edward Scissorhands Tim Burton 1990 USA fantasy, drama, melodrama 12+
16.01.21 Little Women  Gillian Armstrong 1994 USA, Canada drama, melodrama, family 12+
19.01.21 The Family Man Brett Ratner 2000 USA fantasy, drama, melodrama, comedy 12+
22.01.21 Serendipity Peter Chelsom 2001 USA, Canada melodrama, comedy 12+
23.01.21 8 Women  Francois Ozon 2001 France, Italy musical, crime, detective, drama, comedy 16+
26.01.21 Tokyo Godfathers Shogo Furuya, Satoshi Kon 2003 Japan anime, drama, comedy, adventure 12+
29.01.21 Merry Christmas Christian Carion 2005 France, Germany, Belgium, UK, Romania, Norway, Japan, USA drama, melodrama, military, history, music 12+
30.01.21 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Tim Burton  2005 USA musical, fantasy, comedy, adventure, family 6+