C# programming fundamentals

C# (C Sharp) is one of the newest and most popular general-purpose programming languages. Originally developed by Microsoft, now C# is a dynamically growing open source project. In fact, C# is a hybrid of several languages. At that, it is more pure syntactically than Java, equally simple as Visual Basic and almost as powerful and flexible as C++.

C# is equally suitable for the development of desktop apps, web apps and programming for iOS and Android, whereas its simple and logical structure allows easy training process.

This course introduces you to the basic constructions and capabilities of the language, provides you with the minimum algorithmic knowledge and practical skills. There will be webinars, tests and a range of relevant practical tasks. All of them have realistic problem statements and interesting result visualisation. Through them, you will get to know different programming areas, from image processing and data analysis to physical modelling and developing elementary video games. The authors of this course tried to avoid purely theoretical, formal tasks, remote from reality, so that you could enjoy the process of getting practical knowledge and skills. The up-to-date course outline is available on the website ulearn.me.

Pavel Egorov:

Pavel Egorov used to be a software development engineer, project development manager of the diadoc.ru project, research projects manager in a department called Kontur Labs. He is currently the head of the developers’ training department of the SKB Kontur company and the senior professor of the department of mathematics, mechanics and computer science of the Ural Federal University. Co-author of the online courses C# Programming Fundamentals Part 1 and Part 2, C# Project Design and ulearn.me platform. Master of Computer Science and Mathematics of the Ural Federal University.